Where Remote Works

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Create Your Team

We enable companies to scale and manage
their remote workforce while delivering remote work options to
untapped talent pools of professionals.


How We Make Remote Work

Ready to Scale

Our model of remote team assembly allows team growth on demand. Give us your talent requirements and we'll assemble the team.

Unique Talent Community

We serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the military connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility.

Skilled, Vetted, and Qualified

Our application process assesses the culture fit and remote suitability of each candidate. The members of your remote team are ready to perform on day one.

An Enabled, Modern Workforce

To meet the demands of a shifting workforce, more and more companies are turning to remote teams to meet their resource needs. Instant Teams allows organizations to dynamically scale-up or scale-down teams to meet demand without the heavy lifting that direct hiring requires and mobilize internal resources for business goals.

One Stop Shop

We provide the complete functionality of a recruiter + hiring manager + HR compliance manager + payroll manager. We find the team talent you need. We deliver to your for review and approval. We hire, onboard, and maintain compliance. From time sheets to i9 verifications, we’ve got you covered.

Remote Team Culture

Not sure how to keep remote workers engaged and happy? No problem. We’re experts. We offer monthly virtual events, remote work policy tools, and team support structures to make sure your remote team feels connected.

Since our launch in fall of 2016, we’ve worked with over a hundred companies to narrow in on what quality delivery of a talented remote teams means. Our method of remote team assembly and delivery has several components that are designed to ease the pain of finding talent and maintaining a remote workforce. Instant Teams is a woman-owned corporation founded by Army Spouses.