We make creating your remote workforce or adding a remote professional to your team easy.  We pre-vet the talent and handle all the onboarding and payroll services.  You’ll simply receive an invoice on the 1st and the 15th of each month for the hours your team has worked.  Here’s a look at what to expect at each stage of our process:

Step One - Schedule a Discovery Call

We value knowing our customers and how to best match them with our remote professionals.  During our discovery call, we will discuss your hiring needs, learn about your company culture and answer any questions you have about our remote workforce management.

Step Two - Service Approval and Acceptance

You’ll receive a copy of our terms of service along with a talent request. The talent request will list the remote professional skills and job description, number of hours per week/month and an overview of the type of candidate you desire.  Once the agreement is signed we begin building the remote team!

Step Three - Sourcing and Delivery

With our dedicated and talented PeopleOps division at work for you, we source the top candidate for your position based on culture, personality and skill fit.

Step Four - Onboarding

Onboarding is one of our favorite steps in the process.  You will be introduced to your account manager who will continue to nurture your relationship with MadSkills while laying the foundation of communication with your new remote team. We schedule this call  (The Intro-View) via video so you can meet your selected candidate, get acquainted with our virtual tools and work environment and set up a plan to begin work.

We love what we do and look forward to getting to you!! Fill out this short form below and we’ll be in touch.